That's it, another 6 months gone. I'm finishing in 2 days and then, bye bye Verbier and Switzerland. I was working at the Farinet Hotel, a complex with an after-ski bar (with live music), a lounge bar, a night club and a hotel... Jenny worked at the same place as last year, the Fer à Cheval.
This winter was cold but not good for the quantity of snow. Well, good enough to make progress in snowboarding, which was lot of fun for me... Specially because I'm officially finishing the season on my 2 unbroken feet (this is another progress).
I worked an average of 50 hours a week during 6 nights a week, and I did not have many chances to party. I had drunk people around me every 10 minutes but I wasn't partying myself at all. Apart from once, with Charlie Winston's musicians... I've never been soooo drunk in my entire life.
In February my sister and boyfriend came for 5 days to visit us... It was the first time ever for them in such a cold and snowy place. They loved it... They even tried snails here.
A month later, Jenny's parents came and they also loved it... We tried the famous Lavey les Bains, an open air hot bath with them, before going to see the world famous motorshow in Geneva.
Since then, we've been a couple of days in Gruyères (yes, where the cheese is made) where we visited the very old castle and the Giger Museum (Alien's father).
Now, it's the closing season, time for everyone to be in a good mood around few drinks. At this time of the season you can love someone you hated few days before, like your own brother. Weird feeling. The last closing party will be the 2nd of May. Until then, I'll have to drink more than I've drank the past year. Fortunatly I'm gonna have a rest for 2 days next week when I'll go to Paris to visit Lidwine and Pierre (my favourite French couple met in Port Douglas) and see the Takeshi Kitano's exhibition.
The 3rd of May Arnaud is going back home (OZ) and Jenny and I are going to Marrakesh the following day (4th) for 4 days. We should be back to Bordeaux around the 15th. And we will stay there until end of august. During this period, we have Jen's friend wedding, my dad's second wife and younger brother coming, many things to do and prepare our next trip.
The next trip will be in middle-Asia with Nepal and India planned for september. Then if we can find a job in Japan, we might stay there for while. If we don't, we will probably go earlier to N-Zealand where we should be for the main part of 2011.
And I swear, this blog will be full of new post during our trip there.