This is it, the winter is coming, snow is falling again and I'll start my new job in 2 weeks. A month ago, it's was still sunny and we went to Croatia with 2 Jen's friends from Bordeaux.
Croatia is quite charming, with some nice villages or cities. Split is on of the best I've visited in my whole life. I enjoyed Dubrovnik as well but it was too crowded of tourist to seem "authentic". To be honnest, Croatia seem to be exactly like Italy. But I prefer Italy. Specially for the "beaches". To be clear, the beaches in Croatia are disgusting. People are cold but kind and always speak few words of french. We saw few bullets impact in Karlovac but this is pretty all about the war.
Actually, Croatia was nice, cities at least, but there is nothing to tell about it. Go there for a week end, 3 or 4 days, but this is enough.
After Croatia, we went back to Bordeaux and my 10 yo sister came from Reunion Island for holidays. She stayed 2 weeks. We went to Disney, Futuroscope and visited few things in Bordeaux (and around) like the zoo or the famous Pyla Duna. On our way to the airport we saw Laura Flessel (Escrime Olympic Champion). Now, we are waiting to go back to Verbier.
Sorry for the way I'm writing this post but I kind of lazy and in a hurry. Cya guys !