This is the end of a chapter : A winter season in Switzerland.

And to be honnest, This is not a bad news. After 3 months in Bordeaux picking grapes and doing nothing we came to Verbier, a famous posh ski station.

We arrived here the 24th of october. The first impression was good and cold !!! Our flat was cheap and nice with a balcony front of the valley, a huge bathroom and 50m away only from my job. People here were kind (everyone is kind compare to french people) and the place is beautiful. Actually it is nice after January because before it’s quite dark. Verbier is between Chamonix and Milan in the Canton du Valais, a french part of Switzerland. The nearest « big cities » are Lausanne and Sion. Here you can ski on 4 valleys. The most famous symbol of this place must be the Saint Bernard dog.

I had never skied in my whole life before Verbier. The first thing I’ve done here was to buy a snowboard (my knees are too weak to try to ski). My first try was a disaster and I waited until the end of January to try again (on the kid track this time).

The first 2 weeks here were hard to live. I wasn’t working yet, it was cold and hard, and the only activity for me was to think to much about what to do after and how good was the life in OZ.

I finally started to work mid december, 3 weeks after Jenny (she loves the place she worked at), 2 after Arnaud and 1 after Arnaud’s brother Florent. And if i was glad to start, my first impression of « my » hotel wasn’t as good as I expected. Most of the customers were Russian prostitutes and the other were rich people apparently unable to say simple things as « hello, please, thank you ». And I’ll say nothing about how much I’ve done in tips during the season because it’s close to nothing. To forget all this I tried to do something else like decorate our flat for Christmas. I guess I’ve done a good job because Jenny was surprised. Also, we have been to Chamonix for a day, to see the Iced sea but the site was closed.

This is pretty much all I’ve done before my birthday. That day my back was blocked and I had to go to Martigny to see a chiropractor. A lot of snow after, I decided to start to learn how to ride. I nearly came into a house because I didn’t know how to brake otherwise it wasn’t bad.

To change, about a month and a half ago, Flo, Jenny and I decided to try the sledge-run. It was fun until my right feet got stuck in the security net. Ankle fractured : end of the season for me.

In a week Jenny will have finished to work. After 6 weeks the doctor will take off my plaster and in 3 weeks, we go to Reunion island where I’ll see my family for the first time in 3 years.

We made good money here, now holiday time. And we might come back next year. It was cold and dark, but finally not too bad. A bit like Melbourne. And to be honnest, it’s better than work in France. But I might have no choice until next winter.

I wanna travel again, without worries, I wanna be free !