Maybe I should say Adrian and Dayle coz I'm not sure if someone else is reading my blog.
So... I'm home since 3 months now and it's quite difficult to find a job for a short term. That's why I've been doing shitty job as baguette n croissant baker or removalist. Now I'm grape picker and waiter for a classy "traiteur" (don't know how to translate) named Lacoste. In about a month we're going to Verbier in Switzerland for winter. There, I'll open doors and say "hello Sir" for a lot of money.
There is not much to say. It's difficult to be back. It's takes ages for everything apart get back your fat because of the french food (I should say snacks, pastries and charcuterie) and to much time spent front of that fucking TV. I'm looking for a serious job when I'll be back for good in one year and I'll probably have to go back to school again.
That's all guys. I miss you a lot, you and all the good time I spent in OZ and Asia.